Our Team at Snap!

With the right team, nothing stands in your way

Cole Morgan

Co-Founder & CEO

Cole was the inspiration for Snap-Raise.com and is leading the charge for implementing the platform across the nation. Cole a former athlete and played QB at Washington State University. While at WSU he realized that fundraising plays a role in every aspect of sporting life- at every level. Beginning in those college years, Cole has been interested in how to make the fundraising more efficient. When Cole isn’t working he can usually be found in the man cave with his best friend Bozly (his dog), and breaking down college football games.


Eddie Behringer

Co-Founder & CPO

Eddie is in charge of Product Development and University/ Institutional Advancement. He is well versed in bringing large product visions to technical success. Eddie works with the development team to bring the real world needs of groups and organizations to the Snap! Platform. Eddie, as an entrepreneur, has founded 2 other successful companies prior to his role at Snap-Raise.com. He is passionate about rich user experiences that leverage the latest technologies, aimed at helping people raise money for what’s most important to them.


Stefan Berglund

Co-Founder & CFO

Stefan was a founding member and is responsible for business finance, creating exemplary operation systems, and ensuring great customer service. Stefan graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a major in Business and Economics. He genuinely cares about empowering groups to raise money and ensuring that they keep the largest portion of fundraising proceeds as possible. In his spare time he is responsible for laughing at fellow Co-Founder, Cole Morgan’s jokes. It’s Science.

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