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How are my donations used?

Donations support major improvements to the lighting and sound system in Keeler Hall, provide scholarships for voice lessons, summer camps and college aid to graduating seniors!

Why are donations necessary?

This is the second year in a row that CPS has imposed mid-year budget cuts. Just this month, CPS cut Lindblom's budget by $155,000. We need your support more than ever!

Personal Message

Students of the Lindblom Choir deserve a great musical experience. In order to make this happen, we want to provide access to quality voice lessons, travel opportunities, and events. These things are costly and put financial stress on the program; the provided budget only covers a portion of our most basic needs. Your support will enable the Lindblom Choir program to offer students the necessary resources for high-quality musical experiences, including a high-functioning performance venue, high-quality choral literature, professional accompanists at concerts, and transportation to music festivals. If you could please spread the word about our fundraiser by sharing it with your family and friends through Email, Text Message, Facebook and Twitter we would greatly appreciate it!

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  • $ 1000

    Donation $1000 (USD)

    Donation Impact:

    This level of donation will have a big impact on sound and lighting improvements to Keeler Hall!

  • $ 500

    Donation $500 (USD)

    Donation Impact:

    This level of donation allows us to hire an accompanist for choir dress rehearsals and a concerts!

  • $ 250

    Donation $250 (USD)

    Donation Impact:

    Provide a scholarship for summer music programs and seniors who plan to study music!

  • $ 100

    Donation $100 (USD)

    Donation Impact:

    This level of donation will cover registration fees for one of our upcoming choir festivals!

  • $ 50

    Donation $50 (USD)

    Donation Impact:

    This level of donation will buy one class set of sheet music for a new song!

  • $ 35

    Donation $35 (USD)

    Donation Impact:

    This level of donation will help provide transportation to a choir festival!

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