The 8 most common dance team expenses

(and how to fund them)

You can dance for free in your bedroom, but funding gets a little more complicated when it comes to high school dance teams. From the beginning to the end of the year-long dance season, make sure you are aware of these eight common dance team expenses – and get a head start on dance team fundraising ideas to cover them.

Participating on a dance team isn’t all about grand jetés and pirouettes. Unlike most high school sports, dance teams can keep students fit, engaged, and involved all year long. Fall season brings football games and first day assemblies. By winter you’ll want to be competition-ready and consider performing at basketball games. Spring hits and the time finally arrives for districts and state, and most likely a farewell performance at the end of the school year. Summer comes along and you’re training new members, sending the team to dance camp, and prepping for fall performances!

Like all sports, dance teams have very real costs to keep them running, but unlike a single-season sport, these costs can build up throughout the year! When you think about team sports such as football and soccer, you’re usually fundraising for a three-month season. When it comes to funding a dance team, you need to consider all the costs you may incur from this September to next August.

We’ve compiled a list of such expenses to help you get started:

1. Practice space

Sure, the gym is available for 20 minutes the day before the performance, but good luck getting in there three days a week for practice! Dance teams are often left scrambling for a good practice space since single season teams can come along and claim your space right out from under you. Even if you have a good place to practice regularly, does it have mirrors anywhere? Don’t be surprised if you end up booking an off-campus location at least two or three times a year when you need a last-minute run-through or a place that’s better suited for perfecting technique.

2. Dance Camp

You held workshops, then tryouts. You have fresh talent on the team and new social dynamics to figure out. What better place to get the team in sync, scope out the competition, and learn some fresh choreography than at dance camp? Of course the camp itself will have fees, but don’t forget about transportation, food, and lodging.

3. Uniforms

Your team will need something flexible to perform in throughout the year. A basic t-shirt and black pants is a great choice that can be slightly modified for each performance. You’ll probably want some sort of prop like hats or suspenders, and, depending on the style of dance, one or more pairs of shoes. If you have a strict dress code in practice you might want to consider practice uniforms as well which can require additional shirts, pants, or shorts.

4. ...And football season uniforms

If your team performs at football games, you’ll probably need to invest in something warm with sequins. If you don’t normally perform with poms, now is the time to add those in as well to ensure your performance can be seen even from the nosebleeds.

5. ...And competition season uniforms

Whether your team competes in dance, military, pom, kick, or hip-hop, you’re going to want to make an impression when you step out on the floor at state. This is the area where teams can really go above and beyond in their style choices so be sure to budget for this early on if you want to go all out.

6. Choreography

If your dancers went to dance camp, you probably picked up a lot of great material to use for smaller performances throughout the year. Letting captains choreograph routines can be great practice as well, but when it comes to competition season, you’re probably going to need to hire a great choreographer who knows the rules and scoring guidelines inside and out.  

7. Hosting a competition or showcase

Driving out of town for competitions isn’t always the bees knees and you might be itching for more opportunities to show off your team at home. Whether you decide to host an official competition or just throw a local dance showcase, you’re going to need to pay for various things like decorations and someone to queue up the music.

8. Team bonding activities

Last but not least - team bonding activities! Dance team feels more like a family than any other sport I've been a part of. You grow together, win together, lose together, and put up with each other for a full twelve months a year. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but giving your captain or spirit captain a small budget for fun items or activities to boost morale throughout the season can make a huge impact.

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